Friday, April 17, 2009

Cropping an image to specific dimentions for Elements 6

For those of you with Elements 6... I am going to be doing a series of tutorials, starting with the easy stuff, then slowly working upwards. Our first tutorial is how to crop an image using certain dimentions.

First, make sure that nothing is selected. Press CTRL + D. The go to your layer thumbnails in the bottom right corner of your program. Right click on the background layer and choose Layer from Background. Now click OK. Then go to Image>Crop

Then just above your workspace is a place where you can either type in specific dimensions or you can choose from a list of commonly used sizes. Here we are going to crop to an 8x10. So click on the arrow next to "No Restriction". Then click on 8x10 in.

Now use the mouse to click and drag the edges of your selection until you have the area that you want. Then go to the bottom right of your selection and click on the green check mark. To cancel the operation, click on the red cancel button.
VOILA! You're done!

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