Friday, April 17, 2009

Correcting White balance for Elements 6

I tend to use cs4 for most of my photoshop needs, but as much as I love that program, there is one feature that I just can't seem to find on it anywhere. That feature is Auto white balance adjustment. And it is an awesome tool for adjusting the color in your images. So first you want to open an image that has an unnatural tint to it. I chose one that was slightly bluish from being taken in the shade.

Go to Enhance>Adjust Color> Remove Color Cast.

Now find something in the photo that you know is supposed to be white, grey, or black. I chose the baby's coat because I know that it is white. Just use the Eyedropper tool and click on the area that you have chosen. And BAM! Your photo should be fixed. Sometimes you may need to click around a little bit because colors vary from pixel to pixel.

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